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Trek to Everest Base Camp 2011

Are you training for a competition or training for that once-in-a-lifetime adventure? We can help you achieve your goals and design a training program. 

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Everest Base Camp



The Art of Hiking….

Yes, there is a technique to hiking to avoid injury and preserve muscle strength.  Training prior to a big trek is important for stamina and endurance.  Did you know that using two poles when hiking not only helps with balance, but saves your knees and ankle joints.  The Journal of Sports Medicine reported using poles on a 25 degree downhill grade reduces the amount of compressive forces on the knees by 12-25 percent.


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Thousand Islands, St. Lawrence River

Somewhere in Ontario

True or False?

Kayak or canoe paddle strokes can stress your upper body and risk an injury to shoulder muscles.

Yes, Absolutely!




There is a technique…. your core should be doing the majority of the work.  If you plan to do a lot of kayaking or canoeing, consider getting into a weight strengthening program in the winter so you’re ready when the ice melts!


Ok, so camping does not involve a lot of training, maybe a bit of wilderness survival to fight off the wildlife… 🙂


Somewhere on Georgian Bay near Killarney


                Cycling  Yes… train for it…

The team Train With Wendy participated in the MS Bike Tour Ottawa in 2016 and 2017!  Are you training for a cycling trip?

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