Get Fit and Have Fun!

Meet your Trainer!

 Copy of 200906 061  I’m Wendy. 

Join me…. I can help you achieve your personal fitness and overall health goals!
I am a certified personal trainer with experience in a variety of fitness disciplines and I have incorporated regular fitness with gym workouts for over 35 years.  Additional Certifications

My Philosophy is to help each person take control of their life, to live a healthy lifestyle and live life with vitality.

My Focus is on the aging population, a category of which I am a part of, so we can stay actively healthy as we age.  I was a Grandmother at the young age of 60!  My workout routine permits me to continue the adventurous outdoor activities which I love, and play with my grandchildren without aches and pains.  My international certification is from the Canadian YMCA/YWCA.

My Life…. I love to hike, cycle, kayak, camp, cross country ski, downhill ski, snowshoe and pretty much anything outdoors.  More recently I have trekked to Everest Base Camp, downhill skied in the French & Swiss Alps, kayaked and camped on Georgian Bay and the 1000 Islands, cycled in Ride the Rideau and MS Bike tours.

Live the lifestyle you want……   I would love to help you achieve that.

Your Workout

Together we’ll work to develop a customized plan for you.  We will identify your goals and design strategies to complete each goal in a safe and progressive manner.  I want you to succeed and to find your fitness regime fun, so it becomes a part of your everyday lifestyle.

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