Get Fit and Have Fun!

Fitness for Health …. Fitness for Life!

Personal Training and Lifestyle Coaching for women and men 40+

  • Work Hard
  • Have Fun
  • And Get Fit

Find that Balance

WHY?    Because this is the only body you’ve got!  Use it or lose it!

Functional Fitness is the ability to do everyday tasks, such as walking up and down stairs and carrying groceries.  Everyone is different and everyone has different goals.  What are your goals?

Do you have exercise equipment sitting dormant in your home…..  We can design a program for you based on your goals and your equipment, all done in your home!  How easy is that!     Get Started


Benefits & Features

  • A Measurable Plan, we will design your training goals together…
  • Functional Fitness, the everyday lifestyle we took for granted when we were 20!
  • Overall lifestyle balance…
  • Nutrition suggestions…


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