Get Fit and Have Fun!

Additional Certifications

TRX Suspension Training Certification May 2020

Indoor Cyclefit/Spinning Instructor Certification January 2020

Fitness for Breath, the Lung Association October 2019 — fitness regimes for people suffering COPD.

Movement Habits November 2018 — workshops that identify and target daily movement habits and correcting them to attack our weaknesses.

Body Weight Blast May 2018 — a complete strength training workout using only body weight exercises, no weights or other resistance.

Cardio Kick Boxing May 2018 —  benefits of another body weight class featuring speed and power.

Posture Perfect Workshop November 2017 — benefits of increased energy, better breathing, improved circulation, less wear and tear on your joints.

Canfitpro Active Aging Certification, November 2017 — physiology of aging, health issues and nutrient deficiencies.

The Heart Institute Heart Wise Exercise Certification, March 2017 — working with people who have heart disease, respiratory disease, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Functional Screening and Movement Assessment, November 2016 — testing proper movement, mobility (range of motion, flexibility), and stability (balance, strength, muscular endurance).

HIIT — High Intensity Interval Training, November 2016 — various training techniques including Tabata, 30-20-10 Protocol, Pyramid, Mission of Action and Rate of Perceived Exertion.

Falls Prevention, May 2016 — Better strength, better balance!  Strong muscles, strong bones and better balance will make you more mobile and less likely to fall.

The Back, May 2016 — focusing on the spine and the role our feet play to better posture.